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A Moment With Michael Oren

Author of Power, Faith and Fantasy: America in the Middle East 1776 to the Present Since the days of the Barbary pirates, the Middle East has loomed large in America’s imagination and foreign policy. In Power, Faith and Fantasy, historian Michael Oren traces America’s involvement in the region. While 18th-century Americans feared the Arabic-speaking pirates, they were thrilled by the ... Read More »

The Mostly Sweet Tale of Jews and Chocolate

Convinced he would encounter Jewish traders on his 1492 journey, Christopher Columbus brought along a Jew as a Hebrew interpreter. Although he met no Jews in the New World, he did find oddly shaped “almonds” that were highly valued by the natives—cacao beans. It was conquistador Hernán Cortés who carried the art of making the Aztecs’ xocolatl, or “bitter water,” ... Read More »

Noble Books

Nine Nobel laureates reflect on their favorite classic and contemporary Jewish books “I do not believe that civilization will be wiped out in a war fought with the atomic bomb. Perhaps two-thirds of the people of the Earth might be killed, but enough men capable of thinking, and enough books, would be left to start again, and civilization could be ... Read More »

Top ten non-Jews often misidentified as Jews

Bruce, Ethel, Rupert and Ringo—Jews? Read More »

Talk of the Table

The love affair between Jews and Chinese food Read More »