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Morris Abram: The Man Who Unmasked the KKK and Helped Establish “One Person, One Vote”

RFK and Morris Abram

by Cecily Abram Those who remember Morris Berthold Abram may recall his tenure as president of Brandeis University during the tumultuous years of 1968-1970. Yet many of his accomplishments during the time of the Civil Rights Movement that preceded his presidency are not widely known. Throughout his life, Morris became the trusted adviser to five U.S. presidents—both Democratic and Republican—each seeing ... Read More »

An Argentine Journalist on Fallout from Prosecutor’s Mysterious Death

Argentinian Israeli Mutual Association explosion aftermath

The plot unfolded like a murder mystery. First, on January 18, Argentine state prosecutor Alberto Nisman was found dead from a gunshot wound. The timing was uncanny: Nisman had just written a 289-page report accusing President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and her foreign minister of covering up a deadly 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center. He had been planning to ... Read More »

Shmuel Rosner on Upcoming Israel Elections

Deprecated: mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead in /home/momentma/public_html/ on line 32 Israel’s election season heated up this week as political parties rushed to submit their final list of candidates. Much is at stake: This time, unlike the elections of 2013, we don’t know who’s going to win. ... Read More »

A Third-Generation Remembrance of Holocaust’s Horrors

God, Faith and Identity from the Ashes

Today, on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the horrors of the Holocaust loom large in the world’s collective memory. But for those who were personally affected, those horrors have never left. Born in the Displaced Persons camp of Bergen-Belsen, the son of two survivors of Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, law professor Menachem Rosensaft has devoted his life to ... Read More »

The Last Laugh: “Graphic Details: Jewish Women’s Confessional Comics in Essays and Interviews” Reviewed

Graphic Details edited by Sarah Lightman

by Andrea Greenbaum ranitidine and alcohol zantac and hair loss ranitidine maximum dose In 1996, I spent a year in smoky comedy clubs in Tampa, Florida to document the rhetorical style of standup comedians. I paid close attention to their narratives, their body language, and then, after their sets, interviewed them about their craft—how they integrated writing and speaking in ... Read More »

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jews in the Civil Rights Movement

Joachim Prinz and Martin Luther King Jr.

This weekend we honor civil rights pioneer Martin Luther King, Jr, who helped pave the way for a new era of racial integration in America. But he didn’t do it alone. In honor of MLK Day weekend, enjoy a sampling of our past year of special coverage on Jewish involvement in the Civil Rights Movement, online and in print. When Freedom ... Read More »

Rising Anti-Semitism and the Charlie Hebdo Massacre  

Charlie Hebdo Je Suis Charlie

For the French-Jewish community, last week’s attacks were a confirmation of their worst fears. After a year of rising anti-Jewish violence—attacks on Jewish families, synagogue firebombings, anti-Semitic marches—Jews are now fleeing Paris in record numbers, according to news reports. French authorities have acknowledged the severity of the situation, deploying thousands of police officers to protect Jewish schools and other “sensitive sites.” But is anti-Semitism ... Read More »

Filled, Broken and Complete: Sacred Vessels at Mayyim Hayyim

This month, the Mayyim Hayyim Living Waters Community Mikveh and Paula Brody & Family Education Center in Newton, MA is showcasing an exhibit of intricate mosaics and sacred vessels infused with meaning. Watch a slideshow of the exhibit “Vessels: Containing Possibilities” and read the stories behind the works, created by artists Steven Branfman and Bette Ann Libby. Text by Donna ... Read More »

8 Questions for DC Councilmember Brianne Nadeau

DC Councilmember Brianne nadeue

Washington, D.C.’s new Ward 1 Councilmember Brianne Nadeau is a rising leader who has been active in civic and religious life in the District of Columbia. Moment’s Miriam Edelman talks to her about how her Jewish upbringing and background helped shape her career. Q: Were you involved in the Jewish community when you were growing up? A: I come from ... Read More »

Moment Editors’ Book Picks of 2014

Lawrence in Arabia by Scott Anderson cover

Got some leisurely reading time on your hands this Hanukkah season? We’ve got you covered. As the year winds to a close, we asked our editors to round up some of the best books of 2014, for your reading pleasure. Take a break from festivities next week to curl up with one these page-turners, from My Promised Land to Lawrence ... Read More »