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Prove Your Comedy Chops with Moment’s Cartoon Caption Contest

Welcome to the Moment Magazine Cartoon Caption Contest, founded with the help of New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff, and drawn by New Yorker cartoonist Ben Schwartz.

Do you have a way with words and humor? If so, look at the cartoon below and send us a caption—or two or three! Plus scroll down to vote for your favorite caption. It’s free and fun!

Winners may claim a free Moment subscription for a friend of family member. Contest open to U.S. residents 18 and above.

Submit a caption for this cartoon by August 20th by
writing it in as a comment at the bottom of this page!



Vote for your favorite caption by filling out the form immediately below!


“We answer to a higher authority.” — Dale Stout, Colorado Springs, CO
“Trust me—there’s nothing tempting about indigestion.” — Mark Strout, Belmont, MA
“No, it’s not guilt-free, either. Trust me on that one.” —Larry Pinsker, Baltimore, MD

Vote For Your Favorite Cartoon Caption

Vote for the winner of the May/June contest! The winner will receive a free subscription to Moment to give to a friend. Any U.S. resident age 18 or older can enter.

Chuckle at the March/April 2016 winning caption and see who wrote it!


“I used to have a tablet, but it broke.” — Dave Matkowsky, Englewood Cliffs, NJ


Submit as a comment below by August 20, 2016. Finalists will appear in the September/October issue. To vote for the winner of the May/June 2016 contest (see finalists above), use the “vote form.”

About Moment:  For more than four decades, Moment readers have participated in a spirited conversation about life from a Jewish perspective—a conversation that started more than 5,000 years ago. They like us because we’re different—we’re non-denominational, totally independent, and utterly committed to excellent journalism. We transcend ideology and allow for a genuine exchange of ideas. We’re always up-to-date in the latest in Jewish culture, politics and religion. Moment was founded in 1975 by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Elie Wiesel and writer Leonard Fein. It’s editor and publisher today is journalist Nadine Epstein.


  1. “Well, how did YOU want to spend our honeymoon?”

  2. “The relationship books are for you.”

  3. Gerald Lebowitz

    “We’ll be okay unless the wind picks up.”

  4. Gerald Lebowitz

    “The book I want to read next is the one on the bottom.”

  5. Gerald Lebowitz

    “If we put in 14-hour days for the next two weeks, we should be able to finish most of them.”

  6. Gerald Lebowitz

    “Let’s cancel our next trip. For some reason, the idea of seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa doesn’t appeal to me anymore.”

  7. So…are you now ready for sex?

  8. According to these books, we live on the “shady” side of life!

  9. William Agress

    “You”ve heard of the Red Sea, well this is the beach at the Well Read Sea.”

  10. I’m in this for the long run. How about you?

  11. Hey, I’m in this for the long run. How about you?

  12. Yeah and how big is your list on Netflix?

  13. Stuart J Moskovitz

    I had no choice. You can’t get Google here.

  14. “They’re all due back in the Library tomorrow (sigh)”

  15. I had to use the Barnes and Noble gift cards before they closed all the stores.

  16. These are all the books I’ve been hoping to read since the kids were born. Now that they finally are out of the house, I have to finish them before the Grandchildren start coming.

  17. My kindle is on the fritz.

  18. Next time Kindle

  19. “Why, can you think of something better to do?

  20. I wrote the Password on the margins of one of these, just keep leafing through until we find it.


    This should keep me busy until the election and then I could make an educated decision. YEH RIGHT!

  22. Feigue Cieplinski

    Are you sure that the meaning of life is found in those books?

  23. Rabbi Cohen expects us to take his conversion class summer reading list very seriously.

  24. I told you I could fit them all into my carry-on!

  25. What do you mean, “All it takes is one big wave and that’s the end of the town library?”

  26. Larry Pinsker

    Smart thinking, dear! You had no time to get the e-book repaired, so now you’ll spend our vacation healing from your hernia operation.

  27. This is the last time I sign up for couple’s book camp!

  28. Finding just the right quote for a Bar Mitzvah speech is never easy.

  29. I never knew Dr. Ruth was so prolific.

  30. Laurence Paskowitz

    “Lenny, you should have told me you wanted the Herman Wouk before I put these in alphabetical order.”

  31. Barbara Bibel

    Yes, we are the people of the book, but couldn’t you just build a sand castle?

  32. They don’t call us the People of the Book for nothing!!

  33. That’s my definition of stacked!

  34. Adrian Storisteanu

    Philip Roth’s been my reading list like forever.

  35. Don’t stop now! These are past due books I have to return by Monday.

  36. Michael Parsnick

    It is my rendition of the Tower of babel !

  37. William Agress

    “To you it’s a stack of books, to me it’s the former librarian of Sodom and Gomorrah.”

  38. Gerald Lebowitz

    “It would be nice to do it instead of to read about it.”

  39. Stop telling me not to do that! Doctors Venkman and Stantz both diagnosed it as “symmetrical book stacking.” The proton pack treatments will start when we get back.

  40. Yes, dear. I guess you could say that my parents taking me to see Ghostbusters at age five was a traumatic experience.

  41. When did you say high tide is?

  42. Please tell me you put sunblock on them, Gil.

  43. Eyes in the book, Stu…

  44. Gerald Lebowitz

    “It’s true that we’re the people of the book, but we were also commanded to be fruitful and multiply.”

  45. Adrian Storisteanu

    “This is *not* what higher education is all about.”

  46. Adrian Storisteanu

    “We’re coming back with a *tan* this year.”

  47. Marco De Souza

    No wonder we don’t have kids

  48. I have joined the 1000 yearly total for reading historical novels and it looks like you have joined the
    1 monthly total for reading Playboy.

  49. “Do you ever wish we’d had kids?”

  50. It goes faster once you learn to stop moving your lips.

  51. “Yes dear, I forgot both of our Kindles”

  52. Adrian Storisteanu

    “Ars longa, eh?!”

  53. “My mother always said you lacked ambition.”

  54. “What do you mean, bookish?”

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