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Moment Cartoon Caption Contest

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In each issue, we publish a cartoon drawn by New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff. Suggested captions for this cartoon must be submitted as a comment (“reply” at the bottom of this page) by February 10, 2015. Finalists will appear in the March/April issue. To vote for the winner of the November/December 2014 contest (see finalists above), use the “vote form,” below. To view Moment‘s past Cartoon Caption Contest winners and finalists, click here.

Vote For Your Favorite Cartoon Caption

Vote for the winner of the November/December contest! The winner will receive a free subscription to Moment to give to a friend. Any U.S. resident age 18 or older can enter.


  1. Rabbi Larry Pinsker

    Caption for Jan/Feb 2015 cartoon:

    “No, Mr. Rosenberg. Being on steroids does not entitle you to a bigger office.”

  2. Dwight Freund

    Caption for Jan. 2015 issue:

    “I’m sorry, Henry, but your suit just does not have enough dots on it to fit into our culture here.”

  3. “I give up. Where is the air nozzle?”

  4. “Bring me something heavy.”

  5. “This is Diplomacy. Strong-Arm Tactics is down the hall.”

    • Gerald Lebowitz

      “Your work is satisfactory, Mr. Fleischman, but sometimes you tend to blow things up out of all proportion.”

  6. Gerald Lebowitz

    “Your work is satisfactory, Fleischman, but at times you do have a tendency to blow things up out of all proportion.”

  7. “You can exhale now Bob – Miss Levin has gone to lunch.”

  8. What’s eating you?

  9. You’d better lay off the mergers and acquisitions.

  10. Just pad the books.

  11. Lawrence Wood

    “You’re not fooling anyone, Kent.”

  12. Lawrence Wood

    “Crush the competition. Literally.”

  13. “You’re an accountant, Hal. You can’t improve your performance with steroids.”

  14. Stuffed shirts are out. Try stuffed back pockets.

  15. Rogers, you’re full of it.

  16. That’s it, Kent. Now up, up and away.

  17. What now, Kardashian?

  18. Football’s over, Belichick.

  19. Lawrence Wood

    “We’re a reputable firm, Jenkins, and we discourage puffery.”

  20. Lawrence Wood

    “We’re traditional, Jenkins, not stuffy.”

  21. Lawrence Wood

    “I’m promoting you to upper body management.”

  22. Marian Blanton

    “But I told you six months ago we’re scrapping the orangutan role in the new movie.”

  23. How about Fat Tuesday, is Fat Tuesday good for you?

  24. Phat is fat and on that we’re cutting back.

  25. Arnold, you’ve been terminated.

  26. Martin Schechter

    “Not what I meant by growing the company.”

  27. And don’t let the door hit you on the inhale!

  28. Carl, I’m not given to puffery.

  29. Sylvia Williams

    Wait, Wait, Don’t tell me.

  30. “It’s time for my annual physical. Would you mind being me?”

  31. “Two questions: How did you get past security and how did you get through my doorway?”

  32. “And what brings you here? Use small words.”

  33. “That reminds me–have you seen my iPad?”

  34. “And I can make an actuary out of you in just seven days.”

  35. “That’s odd. I didn’t request a bouncer.”

  36. “Just this once, act like a mensch.”

  37. “Fetch me the Board of Directors.”

  38. “Make the judge of the Cartoon Caption Contest an offer he can’t refuse.”

  39. Your extended lunch break has been revoked!

  40. You’ve got the job. My secretary will show you where we store the water cooler jugs.

  41. Someone’s stealing copy paper, Newt. Boxes of copy paper.

  42. Dr Erwin Kohn 3613 Nebraska Amarilo,TX

    Get back to work. The mouse in your office was removed.

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