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Moment Cartoon Caption Contest

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In each issue, we publish a cartoon drawn by The New Yorker‘s Ben Schwartz. Suggested captions for this cartoon must be submitted as a comment (“reply” at the bottom of this page) by June 20, 2016. Finalists will appear in the July/August issue. To vote for the winner of the March/April 2016 contest (see finalists above), use the “vote form,” below. 

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Vote for the winner of the March/April contest! The winner will receive a free subscription to Moment to give to a friend. Any U.S. resident age 18 or older can enter.

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  1. Feigue Cieplinski

    For the new cartoon:

    This hot dog is kosher and you will stay in the Gan Eden why risk that apple.

  2. Gerald Lebowitz

    “Let me give you some advance knowledge. My apple is 100% organic while his product is loaded with harmful preservatives.”

  3. Gerald Lebowitz

    “Beat it, buddy. I’ve got the only concession here. If you don’t believe me, ask the Boss.”

  4. Gerald Lebowitz

    “Who in hell gave you the right to horn in on my territory?”

  5. Harvey Rosenblum

    New cartoon

    I know it’s not kosher, but which is the worse sin?

  6. Harvey Rosenblum

    I know it’s not kosher but which is the worse sin?

  7. William Agress

    “Welcome to the Garden of Eating.”

  8. Gerald Lebowitz

    “You’re both going to have to decide what to do . . . which will be the first real fall of man.”

  9. Daniel Chejfec

    “An apple a day keeps the Gan Eden away”

  10. “I call him Lying Nathan!”

  11. We’re giving you a choice; either GMOs or nitrates. There goes the garden!

  12. Our kosher hot dog is accepted by all sinners who cherish the “flesh of forbidden Fruits.”

  13. Michael A. Parsnick

    I recommend my Hebrew National hots…. they are non-toxic and will begin a new generation.

  14. That’s Nathan, I suggest you plead ‘No Contest’.

  15. We answer to a higher authority.

  16. “‘ ‘The apple is traif, the hot dog is safe!’, says the Almighty.”

  17. Benjamin Izsak

    MayI tempt you with something more au naturel ?

  18. Gerald Lebowitz

    “You’d better get used to this confusion. It’s what life outside the Garden will be.”

  19. Alan LaPayover

    Look who thinks he’s tempting!

  20. William Agress

    “And very late on the sixth day God created hot dog vendors.”

  21. Gerald Lebowitz

    “He’s trying to trick you. Hebrew National hasn’t been established yet.”

  22. “I’ll make you one with everything!” “I’ll make you smarter than all the doctors.”

  23. Leora Eisenberg

    “You can kiss it. It’s kosher.”

  24. Elaine Horwitz

    “Well we’re vegan, so I guess it’s the apple.

  25. Bruce J. Pfeffer

    Forget the hot dog, it has relish instead of sauerkraut : have an apple!

  26. Sheila Budnick

    “Give it to her, I already have one.”

  27. Gerald Lebowitz

    “If you eat this apple, you’ll gain the knowledge that that hot dog isn’t good for you.”

  28. “He shows up every fall.”

  29. “He gets a full chapter in the Apocrypha.”

  30. “The difference between kosher and kosher style? Order Apple Cake for dissert and all will be reveled.”

  31. “Eat the apple and you’ll understand wiener jokes.”

  32. “Trust me — there’s nothing tempting about indigestion.”

  33. “Don’t forget that it’s bathing suit season.”

  34. Rechie Eisner

    You gonna want dressing with that?

  35. Rechie Eisner

    Ya knowhathey say… keeps the doctor away.

  36. Didn’t your mother ever warn you “a moment on the lips, forever on the hips?” Oh, right… that would require a mother….

  37. Larry Pinsker

    “No, it’s not guilt-free, either. Trust me on that one.”

  38. Walter Marlowe

    Caption submission:

    Don’t you just love street food?

  39. Maria Martinez

    This apple is healthier than that hotdog. Believe me I am telling you the truth.

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