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Moment Cartoon Caption Contest

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In each issue, we publish a cartoon drawn by New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff. Suggested captions for this cartoon must be submitted as a comment (“reply” at the bottom of this page) by April 15, 2015. Finalists will appear in the May/June issue. To vote for the winner of the January/February 2015 contest (see finalists above), use the “vote form,” below. To view Moment‘s past Cartoon Caption Contest winners and finalists, click here.

Vote For Your Favorite Cartoon Caption

Vote for the winner of the January/February contest! The winner will receive a free subscription to Moment to give to a friend. Any U.S. resident age 18 or older can enter.


  1. Stu Silberman

    Steve, when I suggested you get a tablet for reading, that’s not what I had in mind.

  2. I guess we didn’t get rid of enough living room furniture when we downsized to our new home.

  3. Gerald Lebowitz

    “At long last we’ve retired and gotten orchestra seats to life. However, I do wish there were something better to watch.”

  4. Gerald Lebowitz

    “I’d always looked forward to retiring so I could relax and see the world go by. I just wish that more of the world would show up.”

  5. “We really should get in more.”

  6. Rachel Melnick

    “You always think outside the box!”

  7. Ralph Melnick

    “At least there was room to unpack your tropes.”

  8. “Why don’t you read the ‘Home & Garden’ section?”

  9. “For heaven’s sake, just pay the cable bill.”

  10. “Shouldn’t you be going in to mow the carpet?”

  11. “It’s been two years. We aren’t starting a trend.”

  12. “I still want a gazebo.”

  13. I wonder what is keeping the locksmith.

  14. Gerald Lebowitz

    “I think that moving the bed outside would be a little too much.”

  15. “I’m glad we can still afford to go out.”

  16. “Getting out of the house is nice, but we should also get off the lawn.”

  17. Tommy Feldman

    Three captions for April cartoon contest: 1- She’s such a bitch! 2- My girdle’s pinching. 3- I’m going in now–to pee.

  18. Next year we sell our chametz through the Rabbi

  19. “There must be an easier way to get on Google Earth.”

  20. Reading a newspaper in dystopia makes it worse

  21. Brad Labanowitz

    “I’m not sure I feng shuied the living room correctly.”

  22. Our neighbors now walk their dogs on the other side of the street!

  23. You know, the Joneses have a loveseat.

  24. If a page is read and no one is around to see it, do you learn anything?

  25. This is your best vacation idea since the backyard.

  26. Elaine K. Horwitz

    Are you sure you don’t want to get a TV?

  27. Who needs a land line anymore?

  28. I think I’ll step inside for a smoke.

  29. Bull! Sometimes he doesn’t even ring once.

  30. David Weissberger

    I’m just saying, it’s not the same without the sukkah.

  31. Next time we hire a full-time contractor.

  32. “Honey, d’you think the chametz is gone now? It’s been 8 days”

  33. Marcia berger

    Well, my rabbi has a completely different interpretation

  34. Howard Zeiderman

    George, Must we keep pretending we’re starring in a Reality Show?

  35. Brad Labanowitz

    “The whole concept of indoor/outdoor carpeting went way over your head didn’t it?”

  36. Gerald Lebowitz

    “I often wondered how things would turn out. I never thought that turning in would be the problem.”

  37. Gerald Lebowitz

    “I always liked watching law’n order.”

  38. “If you’d said that before April 15 we might have won the Cartoon Caption Contest”

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