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Moment Cartoon Caption Contest

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In each issue, we publish a cartoon drawn by New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff. Suggested captions for this cartoon must be submitted as a comment (“reply” at the bottom of this page) by Decmeber 10, 2014. Finalists will appear in the September/October issue. To vote for the winner of theSeptember/October 2014 contest (see finalists above), use the “vote form,” below. To view Moment‘s past Cartoon Caption Contest winners and finalists, click here.

Vote For Your Favorite Cartoon Caption

Vote for the winner of the May/June contest! The winner will receive a free subscription to Moment to give to a friend. Any U.S. resident age 18 or older can enter.


  1. William Agress

    you have attributed my winning caption to the previous contest winner. I am obviously upset . please respond and tell me what you plan to do. William Agress

  2. Marvin Beelen

    The Dictatorship of Existentialism

  3. “Frankly, no, I don’t pine for the outdoors.”

  4. We’ll have to work outside.

  5. And look at the numbers on the elevator. Everything’s reversed.

  6. Fridays here are unusually casual.

  7. Looks like an outside job.

  8. Gerald Lebowitz

    “I told you that it was a mistake for the city to outsource part of Central Park.”

  9. Gerald Lebowitz

    “I told you it would be a mistake for the city to outsource part of Central Park.”

  10. “Have you noticed the change since the kid from silicon valley took over the HR Department?”

  11. Joseph E. Mirman

    I think that “Whatever Friday” goes too far.

  12. Lately, I’ve been feeling guilty about taking the elevator.

  13. I remember when people used to eat lunch during the lunch break.

  14. It must be five-oh-one.

  15. We call it “Whatever Friday.”

  16. Between you and me, I think the company’s gone too far with Casual Friday!

  17. William Agress

    Remember back in 1969 when Princeton went coed? Things haven’t been the same since.

  18. Please revise contest winner name for July/August! That goes to Mr Agress.

  19. Alan Friedman

    Looks like we’re the only ones going to the shul meeting

    Siamese briefcase?

    You’re my mirror image?

    We must have landed in that alternate universe they always talk about

    “Spring ahead ” used to be an hour, now it’s a whole day?!

  20. Seems like we have a healthier group of lobbyists today .

  21. “Remember when we had a life?”

  22. Brian Landberg

    “Forget about the elevator pitch. Give me your proposal while we take the stairs.”

  23. Explain to me again the point of these “no-work Wednesdays.”

  24. “Seriously, Jones, I do think the time has come to establish a behavior code for Casual Fridays.”

  25. “That settles it. I’m booking the lobby for my vacation.”

  26. “These storage units are the hottest place in town.”

    “Now people just take their storage unit stuff out for a quick spin.”

    “I’m Dopple. Are you Ganger?”

  27. “If we’d leased this floor to another insurance firm, we wouldn’t have all these potential new customers.”

  28. “Now watch how I blend in.”

  29. You couldn’t pay me enough to work here.

  30. “Agreed. Tomorrow we wear Speedos.”

  31. What’s next? Vacations?!

  32. These board meeting breaks keep getting longer and longer…

  33. I liked it better before Fitbit.

  34. “Your ‘Open Door Policy’ memo must have gone viral!”

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