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2010 July-August

Jewish Enterprise

“Live from New York, It’s Saturday Night’s Jews!” Read More »

Talk of the Table // Borscht

Borscht: Hot and cold and red all over Read More »

Ask The Rabbis

Is there such a thing as asking too many questions? Read More »

Israel’s Women Are Forced to the Back of the Bus

Back in 2003 I took a bus from downtown Jerusalem to my home in the northern suburb of Ramot, a mixed secular and modern Orthodox neighborhood. One stop into the ride, a large, sweating haredi man hung over me threateningly, demanding that I move to the back of the bus. My astonished refusal was met with a fusillade of disgusting ... Read More »

Summer Music Interview

The jazz great talks about spirituality and jazz, and why he writes Jewish music. Read More »

Letter from Myanmar

After decades of repressive military rule, Burma's Jewish community has dwindled to about 20 members. Is there hope for its future? A rare look at life inside the isolated community. Read More »

The Provocative Baron Cohen Clan

Sacha (aka Ali G, Borat, Bruno) is not the only member of this British Jewish family to make a name for himself as a creative rebel. Read More »