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2017 January-February

What Will The Jewish World Look Like In 2050?

A Moment Symposium with Sarah Bunin Benor,David Biale, Steven M. Cohen, Alan Cooperman, Arnold Dashefsky, Anita Diamant, Sylvia Barack Fishman, Samuel Heilman, William Helmreich, Bethamie Horowitz, Ari Y. Kelman, Barry A. Kosmin, Sergio della Pergola, Leonard Saxe, Ira Sheskin, Arnon Soffer Read More »

Remaking the Modern-Day Synagogue

For Dovi Scheiner, a synagogue is a place for prayer and pilates, for coffee breaks and comedy and film screenings. But perhaps most importantly, it is a living room. Read More »

Book Review // Light Come Shining: The Transformations Of Bob Dylan

When Bob Dylan became the first songwriter to win the Nobel Prize in Literature last October, the internet erupted with reactions ranging from euphoria to dismay. Read More »

Book Review // Twenty Girls to Envy Me: Selected Poems of Orit Gidali

Until the 1980s, women were a small minority among Hebrew writers. There was Russian-born Rahel Bluwstein (1890–1931), considered the “founding mother” of modern Hebrew poetry by women. Esther Raab (1894–1981) was the first native-born Israeli woman poet, principally known for her rich use of modern Hebrew. Read More »

Book Review // A Horse Walks Into a Bar

The earliest comedy I remember with any clarity was created by a famous tragic clown, a circus performer whose painted mouth was perpetually turned down in a frown. Left out of the spotlight, he carried a sledgehammer and ran after the other clowns who wouldn’t have anything to do with him. Read More »

The New Israeli Americans

The days of shame about living in America are over. But can this diverse group of immigrants hold onto their culture? And is there a chance that they can become a unified political voice? Read More »

The Delectable Dumpling Diaspora

Their seemingly modest appearance belies their multicultural significance, manifold incarnations and long history. Read More »

Meir Shalev: Israel’s Dictator-in-Writing

Although Americans may not immediately recognize his name, best-selling novelist Meir Shalev is one of Israel’s most beloved and celebrated authors. He is a man with deeply held convictions and opinions about both the art of writing and Israel. Read More »

The Polish Republic of Untruth

It didn’t take long for the recently elected government to have a troubling impact on the state of the country’s democracy. Read More »

Jewish Word // Blood libel

Woodcut from the 1493 Nuremberg Chronicle depicting the alleged ritual murder of an Italian boy

In September, Josh Marshall of the online political news outlet Talking Points Memo reached for an unexpected metaphor to express his disgust at Donald Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric... Read More »