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2017 January-February

The Delectable Dumpling Diaspora

Their seemingly modest appearance belies their multicultural significance, manifold incarnations and long history. Read More »

Meir Shalev: Israel’s Dictator-in-Writing

Although Americans may not immediately recognize his name, best-selling novelist Meir Shalev is one of Israel’s most beloved and celebrated authors. He is a man with deeply held convictions and opinions about both the art of writing and Israel. Read More »

The Polish Republic of Untruth

It didn’t take long for the recently elected government to have a troubling impact on the state of the country’s democracy. Read More »

Jewish Word // Blood libel

Woodcut from the 1493 Nuremberg Chronicle depicting the alleged ritual murder of an Italian boy

In September, Josh Marshall of the online political news outlet Talking Points Memo reached for an unexpected metaphor to express his disgust at Donald Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric... Read More »

Author Interview // Kati Marton

Kati Marton

Kati Marton’s early life reads like the plot of a John le Carré spy novel. Marton was born in Budapest in the early years of the Cold War to journalists who, at the time, were among the most famous anti-communist dissidents in the world. Read More »

Letter From Whitefish

A reporter visits the Montana resort town where a vicious neo-Nazi campaign is targeting Jews. Read More »

Ask The Rabbis // Is it the job of rabbis to fight intermarriage?

Ask the Rabbis

INDEPENDENT Intermarriage is a reality of American Jewish life that isn’t receding, no matter how valiant the efforts to counter it. The central challenge to American Judaism isn’t intermarriage; it’s disaffected Jews who lack the knowledge and inspiration to live Jewish lives. Our job as rabbis is to offer a compelling and relevant Judaism—to rekindle Jewish passion, bring Jews home ... Read More »

Opinion // Trump’s Not the End of the World

Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump

The Jewish community can learn from its fears of Ronald Reagan’s presidency. Read More »

From The Editor // January-February, 2017

Part of an anti-Jewish flyer found on the street

New Winds Blow In by Nadine Epstein ashington has had unseasonably warm weather, with leaves clinging to branches and roses blooming into the first weeks of winter. But the winds of political change have also blown into the nation’s capital. Alt-reality descended on my pleasant, quiet neighborhood in Northwest Washington. Everything is in walking distance—cafés, restaurants, movie theaters and shops. ... Read More »

Opinion // Is it Time to Move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem?

U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv

What is an embassy? It is an office in which people do their jobs—at times essential, at other times unimportant. It is also a symbol—of friendship, of cooperation, of relations. Read More »

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