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Moment Magazine-Karma Foundation Short Fiction Contest Guidelines for Submission

Moment Magazine is now accepting submissions for the 2017 Moment Magazine-Karma Foundation Short Fiction Contest. Moment will award up to three prizes to outstanding works of unpublished short fiction with Jewish content.

First place: $1,000 plus possible publication
Second place: $500 plus possible publication
Third place: $250 plus possible publication

Winners may be invited to an awards ceremony. If so, the contest covers a round trip flight or train fare and one night hotel, if necessary. All travel arrangements are to be made by Moment.

The judge published in promotional materials judges the finalists. At all times, all decisions are final.

After the completion of the contest, Moment editors will review winning stories. Editors will contact winners if their stories are being considered for publication. Moment Magazine reserves the right at all times to select material for publishing. All selected material is subject to editing by Moment editors.

Entry Fees:

$15 for each entry (multiple submissions are accepted). Please make checks payable to: Moment Magazine-Karma Short Fiction Contest. Note: The $15 is a reader fee and does not in any way give persons who enter the contest any legal rights.

Or pay online here:

Title of the Submission
First & Last Name


Submissions must be postmarked by March 15, 2017.

For each entry, submit the following:

A cover letter containing author’s full name, address, contact information and the title of the submission; (The author’s name must not appear anywhere on the manuscript.) a check made out to Moment/Karma Short Fiction Contest; email address to be notified of the winners (but we DO NOT accept submissions via email).

Maximum length for prose is 7,000 words. Send hard copies of your submission printed out in 12-point font, double-spaced. ALL ENTRIES MUST INCLUDE A SIGNED COPY OF THE CONTEST’S OFFICIAL RULES ( Click HERE to download, then print and sign).

No previously published works, or works already accepted for publication elsewhere, are eligible. Work may be under consideration elsewhere, but must be withdrawn from the competition if accepted for publication.

Send entries to:

Moment-Karma Short Fiction Contest/ Moment Magazine/ 4115 Wisconsin Avenue, NW/ Suite LL 10/ Washington, DC 20016

Winners will be announced in 2017. Current information about guidelines etc. is updated here on the website. We are not responsible for information in previous guidelines or advertisements. All deadlines may be extended or changed and may carry over into the next calendar year. Moment Magazine and Karma Foundation are not liable for any misprints or errors, or anything else. The contest is a labor of love. Please treat our staff with courtesy and kindness.

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  1. Do you accept submissions from overseas?

  2. The “Jewish content”, to which extent?

    • We leave that to the discretion of the writer. If you feel the work has a Jewish theme or Jewish subject matter, please send it along.

  3. Michael Schein

    Who is this year’s judge?

  4. bernard asante

    Pls how can we make payments from Ghana

    • To Saleh Levin,

      Reading the General Conditions, number 8 under the Official Rules is unclear to me. Does this mean I give up my own right to publish my story?

  5. Would you consider a story that appeared briefly on a magazine’s web site, after placing second in a contest, but has never appeared in print?


  6. Would a previously submitted story that has been revised have a chance this year?

  7. Silvia Anspach

    How can I pay from Brazil?

  8. It just needs to be postmarked by the 31st?? I am putting final touches but don’t want to make a mistake by sending it out on tuesday.

  9. Sasha Tamarkin

    Dear Moment,

    I don’t know what your constraints are but it seems weak to me not to be able to name a judge. Moreover, to say the winners will be announced in 2014 is so loose a date as to be nothing at all. Were the contest rules you require entrants to sign less detailed and lengthy, maybe I would be less annoyed by this lack of information. Perhaps it’s my bad character but are you waiting to see how many entries you get and then deciding maybe to extend the contest or hire a judge? Are you holding out hope to wannabe writers behind a screen of opaqueness, to be adjusted to suit your needs alone? I hope not.

  10. Hi Sasha,

    If your intent in considering contests of this caliber is to be recognized as a serious writer, perhaps you should not post comments such as the one above. Just a suggestion.

    Also, had you done your research, you may have noticed that the past judges of this contest are all PHENOMENAL, highly regarded and celebrated individuals in the industry. Further, contest announcements are generally not completed on a set date, as in case you hadn’t read up to the “labor of love” line, I am sure every entry is given fair time and attention. I am sure the decisions are difficult and worth the time it takes to judge each accordingly. As a member of the publishing community and the Jewish community, I find your comments on this thread offensive. I am offended on behalf of the entire magazine, and its founders.

    I hope you will consider this advice as friendly and not in anyway meant to be discouraging. I do hope you will re-consider submiting your entry to such a fine and highly regarded competition.

    a Fellow Writer

  11. Silvia Anspach

    Have the winners been announced yet?

  12. Hello. I want to make sure I understand this correctly. We can submit articles for publication in the magazine but must do so through the contest. The contest extends through all of 2014; we are just completing February now. So may an article be chosen for publication in the magazine – which has a new edition every two months – while it’s still 2013 during this extended period of time ending with December 31?

    • Hi–I’m not sure I understand your question. Are you interested in submitting an article, or a short story? The short story contest accepts submission from January 1-December 31 and announces the winners the following year.

  13. May people living abroad submit via email, pay via paypal, or send you the money via regular mail?

  14. Randi Sonenshine

    Does the story have to be in a particular genre? Is YA acceptable?


    • There aren’t any specific rules regarding genre, but all past winners have been fiction for adults.

  15. Are the winning submissions allowed to be submitted to other contests or published in other publications after the Moment Magazine contest has finished? Particularly I am wondering if I submit one chapter of a larger work, and that submission wins, can I still submit it for publications elsewhere?
    Thank you.

    • Winning submissions may not be submitted to other contests, but may be published in your own work (e.g., a collection of your own short stories). If it is part of a larger work that is published elsewhere, please note somewhere in the text that part of the work originally appeared in Moment.

  16. Michael Schein

    Is it permissible to submit under a pseudonym if we also include a real name? Thanks!

  17. Can I write a true story?

  18. Is there a minimum age?

  19. Pauline Yearwood

    I am wondering why the Moment contest doesn’t allow writers to submit via Submissible, Submishmash, etc., as most other fiction contests do. Thanks for your reply.

  20. Is there a minimum number of words?

  21. Kamsiyochuku Obilor

    thanks for the opportunity i will submit my application latre

  22. Sasha Tamarkin

    What are the instructions for paying through Paypal? To whom is the payment sent?
    Without knowing this, people like me who have no bank account in the U.S. are at a loss.

  23. Marilyn Urwitz

    Trying to clarify. The 2015 deadline is listed as February 6, 2015. A parenthetical follows stating that the deadline “has been extended.” Is February 6 the EXTENDED deadline, or has the February 6 date been extended out further? In other words, I am trying to find out whether the contest is still open. I know a potential contestant who has an evocative piece ready to go if it would be admitted.
    Thank you.

  24. Marvin Bardowicz

    Would a screenplay be an acceptable format?

  25. Adrianne Aron

    Has the 2016 contest judge been announced?
    thank you.

  26. Constance H. Gemson

    For the cover letter for the contest, I understand you need a three sentence bio note. Di you need additional information regarding the author and the story? Thank you

  27. Hi – is it acceptable to submit an excerpt from a longer piece of fiction as long as it is reasonably self-contained?

  28. What is the deadline for this year’s submissions?

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