Sunday , 30 April 2017
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Higher Learning // 2017 Spring Guide

Read Moment exclusive interviews with Jonathan Brent, Executive Director, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research and Rabbi Aaron Panken, President, Hebrew Union College Read More »

Remaking the Modern-Day Synagogue

For Dovi Scheiner, a synagogue is a place for prayer and pilates, for coffee breaks and comedy and film screenings. But perhaps most importantly, it is a living room. Read More »

Higher Learning // 2016 Winter Guide


Israel: A Mosaic of Ethnic Cuisines

Israel’s vibrant food scene has made this small Mediterranean country one of the most exciting culinary destinations in the world... Read More »

Israel: A Multi-Generational Destination

Your family trip to Israel will bring generations together in ways no other destination can, strengthening Jewish identity while connecting young and old alike to history, lore and land. Read More »

Israeli Craft Beers & Wine

To many, the words “Israeli wine” conjure up the culinary memory of the tooth-achingly sweet wines poured at Passover seders of yore. But the idea that Israel produces nothing but sugary kosher wines is a myth—in fact, Israel is home to hundreds of vineyards producing high-quality wines, many of them on par with those produced in traditional wine-making countries like France and Italy. Read More »

Israeli Fashion Takes Center Stage

If sabra chic once meant kibbutznik khaki, it certainly doesn’t today: Try sexy, innovative, sophisticated, multicultural—and infused with a quintessentially Israeli chutzpah. Read More »