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With the quality of American civic discourse in steep decline, we need thoughtful, high-quality journalism more than ever—and that is what Moment provides. Moment is a fiercely independent magazine that provides wide-ranging perspectives on the political, cultural and social issues facing the Jewish community.


Over the past year, Moment was ahead of the curve covering such important issues as the resurgence of anti-Semitism around the world and the growing threat to free speech on college campuses. We explored critical topics that need to be brought out into the open, including the growing gap between Israel and American Jews, what the Jewish world might look like in 2050, and whether democracy is broken.


Moment has been the leading independent Jewish intellectual and cultural magazine since its founding in 1975 by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie Wiesel and writer Leonard Fein. Since 2004, when Nadine Epstein took over as editor and publisher, it has expanded from a single publication to a multi-media community that each year engages hundreds of thousands of people. Through its print and digital magazines, newsletters and innovative events and programs, more people read and interact with Moment today than at any time in its history.



Honors & Awards


Moment has two stories out of four finalists for the 2018 Mirror Awards in the best single story category.

In 2017, Moment won in two categories of the American Jewish Press Association Simon Rockower Awards Competition for Excellence in Jewish Journalism for work published in 2016:  2nd Place Award for Excellence in Arts and Criticism News and Features – Critical Analysis/Review for The Curious Case of Dorothy L. Sayers & the Jew Who Wasn’t There, by Amy Schwartz; and 2nd Place The Louis Rapoport Award for Excellence in Commentary for Israel Is Sitting This One Out, Who Will be Israel’s Champion? and The True Value of Cheap Books by Shmuel Rosner. Nadine Epstein was also a finalist for the 2016 Food Writing Award from the International Association of Culinary Professionals for her story The Great Hanukkah Clanging.


Of special note is the number of non-Jewish awards Moment has won, ranging from: nominations for two Livingston Awards; the award for Best “Investigative News Story” from New American Media; and the 2015 Clarion Award from the Association of Women in Communications for best Feature Article/Current News for Eetta Prince Gibson’s An Uneasy Union. Moment also won the 2015 first place award in magazine news reporting from the Religion Newswriters Association for Prince’s An Uneasy Union, along with awards for Nadine Epstein’s Evolution of a Moderate on Mohammed Dajani, and for Michael Orbach’s story Professor of Disbelief on James Kugel.



What People Say About Moment


Moment takes aim, takes risks and laughs at us too. Moment is a bastion of Jewish journalism and—here is the amazing part—it keeps getting better. From year to year, Moment is more serious and funny, deeper and edgier.” —author Anita Diamant


“Your magazine is constantly breaking new ground in journalism and offering what Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. used to call ‘an opportunity to participate in the beauty of diversity.'”—Clarence Page.


Moment is more important than ever because we are being flooded with fake news. In Moment, good journalists do good journalism.”  —Robert Siegel


“I think it’s a magazine for anyone who cares about the future of the American Jewish community, and is willing to see that future not in terms of what already is but rather in terms of what could be.”  — author Dara Horn.


Moment is the indispensable read for those of us seeking informed commentary on Jewish life, stripped of the factionalism and shrillness that all too often drowns out thoughtful discussion these days.” —Pulitzer Prize-winning author Geraldine Brooks


“Anyone interested in the central themes of the last 36 years, the critical ideas, the debates, the cultural innovations, the issues that Jews debated, will find those reflected on the pages of Moment magazine.” —historian Jonathan Sarna


Moment has become a rather brilliant journal of Jewish cultural and sociological affairs—a worthy successor to the Commentary of the 1950s and 1960s.” —historian Howard Sachar





Moment Magazine was founded in 1975 by Nobel Prize laureate Elie Wiesel and acclaimed writer Leonard Fein. Without ties to any organization, denomination or point of view, it offers a balanced accounting of the Jewish experience in America. As Fein proudly declared in the premier issue, Moment would include diverse opinions “of no single ideological position, save of course, for a commitment to Jewish life.”


Moment is named after the Yiddish-language Der Moment, founded in 1910 in Warsaw, Poland. Der Moment, as Wiesel describes in Moment’s first issue, “became a massive circulation newspaper, and lived until it was murdered together with Polish Jewry.” Fortunately, Der Moment lives on, on microfilm at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in New York, and through its namesake, Moment.


Its pages have been graced by both well-known writers and emerging writers, including Calvin Trillin, Chaim Potok, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Abba Eban, Cynthia Ozick, Wolf Blitzer, Yossi Klein Halevi, Theodore Bikel, Jeremy Groopman, Ron Rosenbaum, Sherwin Nuland, Erica Jong, Dara Horn, David Margolick, Dani Shapiro and so many others.


The magazine has profiled hundreds of other people—from Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson to Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Sergey Brin to Jon Stewart—and reviewed books by the world’s foremost writers. Moment is dedicated to serious, highly literate, intellectual journalism that provides the American Jewish community and other readers with a much-needed independent forum.