Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Author: Moment

Meaning and the Two-State Solution

14:09 02 May in Latest

by Susan Pashman As I set out to see for myself what was happening on Israel’s West Bank, I was also hungrily devouring Ari Shavit’s magnificent book, My Promised Land. In chapters chock full of painstakingly researched history and brave, absorbing interviews with the historical actors, I...

York and the Jews

13:54 09 April in Latest

by Alberta Weinberg York is described in travel guides as a beautiful medieval city with Roman walls and a magnificent cathedral. My husband, Ken, and I planned to head north to Edinburgh from London stopping along the way at York. We didn’t know about the terrible...

Cycling Through Jewish Europe

10:42 03 April in Latest

by Michael Lyon On an overcast late summer day, we were cycling north of Prague along the Elbe River, on the way to Hamburg, when we rolled into the ghostly former Terezin concentration camp.  The Germans had established the camp in an old fortress and prison,...

My Last Soviet Summer

11:59 25 March in Latest

by Maxim D. Shrayer By summer of 1986, my parents and I had been refuseniks for 8 years. A 19-year-old university student, I took part in a two-month-long expedition across Russia. Leaving Moscow in June of 1986 meant trying to put behind the ever-present signs of...

Seeing the Face of Our Neighbor

12:44 17 March in Latest

by Alfred Munzer This January, I was invited to speak at Scotland’s observance of Holocaust Remembrance Day. I was born in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands, and over the past 30 years I have shared the story of my family and of the family that rescued me countless...