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The Best Entries from the 2013 Jewish Pets Contest

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  Rudy with the Afikomen        Rabbi Furfink     Pierre's Kippah         Jonah enjoying Channukah       Oscar makes Kiddush       Nacho's Bark Mitzvah       Samson with a Kippah       Pickle enjoying Channukah       Tippy's Jewish friend        The Three Winners!      Ziggy with his Shofar       Darwin the Parrot       Reuven celebrating his Meow Mitzvah                     ...

Books about Jews in Washington, DC

19:59 02 May in Latest

A supplement to our special Washington, DC Jewish American Heritage Guide: The Jews of Washington, D.C. : A Communal History Anthology  edited by David Altshuler, 1985, Jewish Historical Society of Washington (listed below as JHSW). Reprints of articles from journals and newspapers on synagogue life, community...