Sunday, June 16, 2019

Author: Nadine Epstein

A Moment With Dov Krulwich

17:54 11 June in Arts, Culture

By day he’s Dr. Bruce Krulwich, a computer scientist working in Israel’s high-tech industry. The rest of the time he’s Dov Krulwich, literary-religious sleuth, scouring the Torah, Talmud and other Jewish texts for connections that link Judaism to the themes and story line of J.K....

Letter from Chautauqua

21:57 12 February in 2009 March-April

The Protestant, intellectual playground founded in the 19th century is now home to a thriving Jewish community Inspired by the late 19th century belief that it was possible—through education—to build a better society, Methodists Lewis Miller, an Ohio inventor, and John Heyl Vincent, a minister, dreamed...