Thursday, July 18, 2019

Author: Sala Levin

Interpersonal tensions swirling

Behind the Scenes at East Ramapo

13:39 19 September in Latest

Last Sunday, listeners of This American Life caught an hourlong episode devoted to the story of a school district in East Ramapo, New York, an area whose residents include a mix of African-Americans, Latinos and ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic Jews--and where 2/3 of the school-age children are Jewish. The...

Magnifying Glass on Dictionary

There’s a Word for That

10:35 15 August in Latest

by Joyce Eisenberg and Ellen Scolnic Guess who’s coming to dinner? The machetunim. That’s the Yiddish word you’ll probably use soon after your daughter has announced her engagement, when you’ve invited her fiancé’s parents to your home for the first time. In contrast, there is no single word in...

Origins of Mishegas Manual Revealed

15:40 21 May in Latest

by Jay Neugeboren When the American Psychiatric Association’s newly revised 1,000-page “bible of psychiatry,” The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-V (DSM-V) was published in May of 2013—its first new edition in 19 years—The New York Times reported that “the controversies about the revisions of...

“My Promised Land” Revisited

10:28 24 April in Latest
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by Melvin Dow Considering the numerous reviews written from divergent viewpoints, one might reasonably conclude that everything worth saying about Ari Shavit’s book, My Promised Land, has already been said. Nevertheless, I will offer a different critical perspective on Shavit’s treatment of three subjects: Lydda and...