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2018 January/February


What Israeli School Children Learn About American Jewish Life

14:49 23 January in 2018 January/February, Featured, Israel, Jewish World
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The year 2017 was another rocky one in the relationship between Israel and many American Jews, punctuated by conflict over matters once considered common ground. Some controversies—including a backlash over comments about American Jews’ military service by Israeli deputy foreign minister Tzipi Hotovely—suggest a level...


Ask The Rabbis | How Would You Counsel A Sexual Predator?

18:38 16 January in 2018 January/February, Ask the Rabbis, Featured, In the News

In every contact with serial bullies, victimizers or predators, we must carefully balance natural empathy for the person before us with solidarity and justice concerning the victims. Teshuvah (repentance) is always the goal, yet false expressions of remorse are an abuser’s modus operandi. INDEPENDENT Many a predator...