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Indiana State House

Religious Liberties and Gay Rights in Indiana

11:44 03 April in Latest
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by Caitlin Yoshiko Kandil [caption id="attachment_20334" align="alignleft" width="300"] Indiana State House, courtesy of Shutterstock[/caption] Following a weeklong outcry over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act—which was criticized for curtailing gay rights—state Republicans have now announced that they would amend the controversial religious liberty law to ensure that businesses...

Passover meal

Our Bread of Affliction

15:40 02 April in Latest

by Liat Deener-Chodirker Every year at the Passover seder, Jews across the world celebrate our liberation from slavery, enjoying meals of abundance while eating matzah, the bread of affliction. In America in 2015, many Jews live very comfortable lives, and this holiday is a time to...

The Isaiah Scroll

Editing the Editor

15:31 11 March in Arts & Culture, Latest, Web

The Education of an Interloper by Jack Miles [dropcap]I[/dropcap]t was as a student at the Hebrew University during the 1966-1967 academic year that I was first introduced to the notion of orthopraxis as distinct from orthodoxy. A chain-smoking lecturer on Talmud, speaking in English to a class of...

RFK and Morris Abram

Morris Abram: The Man Who Unmasked the KKK and Helped Establish “One Person, One Vote”

15:01 12 February in Jews & Civil Rights, Latest, Uncategorized

by Cecily Abram Those who remember Morris Berthold Abram may recall his tenure as president of Brandeis University during the tumultuous years of 1968-1970. Yet many of his accomplishments during the time of the Civil Rights Movement that preceded his presidency are not widely known. Throughout his...

Moscow Cityscape

Color Red, Color Red

10:00 06 February in Latest

by David W. Weiss July 14, 2014 We have just been seated on the motorized cart that takes handicapped passengers to the departure gates when the sirens go off. COLOR RED, COLOR RED. The airport’s public spaces empty. From the shatter-proof window of the safety niche the...