Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Moment readers on Ayn Rand

11:37 11 October in Latest, Politics

More than half of Moment readers say Ayn Rand’s ideas have no place in politics today, according to a reader survey. Rand, the Jewish author and philosopher born Alisa Rosenbaum, is said to have influenced Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan. And as Ryan prepares to...

Anti-Jihad ads come to Washington

14:12 10 October in Latest, Politics

A Christian social justice group is fighting the newest wave of anti-Muslim advertisements with a campaign to raise $25,000 to buy counter-advertisements aboard the D.C. Metro system that read, “Love Your Muslim Neighbor.” The campaign, announced yesterday, comes after the controversial ads, which have already been...

Bachmann takes on falafel

14:02 10 October in Latest, Politics
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Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is coming under fire for anti-Muslim statements that she never made but were taken seriously by readers of a satire magazine. In what is described by the satirical publication the Daily Currant as a real interview, the congresswoman tells local news station...