Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Pulpit Freedom Sunday vs IRS

12:32 05 October in Latest, Politics

By Daphna Berman Some 1,500 pastors are expected to publicly endorse political candidates and openly violate IRS law this coming weekend as part of Pulpit Freedom Sunday. The brainchild of the Christian group Alliance Defending Freedom, the public effort is expected to draw much media attention—but with...

Jews and tonight’s debate

14:00 03 October in Latest, Politics

Tonight’s debate is unlikely to sway Jewish voters or even directly appeal to them, a leading expert on American Jewish voting trends told In the Moment. “Partisans come to a debate with preset expectations and most Jews are partisans,” said Kenneth Wald, a political science professor...

Ayn Rand in Washington

13:53 03 October in Latest, Politics

By Nadine Epstein Last evening, I attended the world premiere of Atlas Shrugged, Part Two, at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC, attended by the glitterati of the libertarian world. Spotted in the crowd were Grover Norquist, Matt Kibbe (head of FreedomWorks), the heart and...

Win a free iPad (really!!)

13:10 28 September in Latest, Politics

The Republican Jewish Coalition is giving away iPads to volunteers who rack up enough phone banking hours ahead of the November elections. For 50 hours of phone time, volunteers will get the $599 iPad 3 and for 40 hours, they’re being offered the $499 version. “It’s a...

Kosher food fight

12:05 27 September in Latest, Politics
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A legal battle over kosher food for Jewish prisoners in Texas begins Monday. Max Moussazadeh, a Persian Jew who was convicted of murder in 1993 and was originally sentenced to 75 years in prison, says that withholding kosher food is a breach of his religious rights...