Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Post-Thanksgiving Roundup

17:01 30 November in Latest, Politics
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Here are a few things you may have missed while in your turkey-induced food coma. By Sarah Breger Tony Judt waxes nostalgic for the bad food of his youth, including his grandmother's Friday night dinner of potatoes, gefillte fish and compote. Warning: he shows no mercy...

This Week's Links

16:38 20 November in Latest, Politics

By Sarah Breger The White House is planning on cutting invitations to the annual Hanukkah party by half. Shockingly, Jews in Washington are complaining. [JPost] Moment columnist Eric Alterman declares war on The New Republic, saying the publication is bad for the Jews. [theNation] But the real question...

This Week's Links

16:09 13 November in Latest, Politics

By Sarah Breger Ari Teman, the founder of JCorps, won the first Jewish Community Hero award this week. JCorps is an organization that runs programs for young Jewish volunteers in cities around the world. [JTA] TNRtv put together a video on the anti-Semitic group Westboro Baptist Church...