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A Moment With Dov Krulwich

17:54 11 June in Arts, Culture

By day he’s Dr. Bruce Krulwich, a computer scientist working in Israel’s high-tech industry. The rest of the time he’s Dov Krulwich, literary-religious sleuth, scouring the Torah, Talmud and other Jewish texts for connections that link Judaism to the themes and story line of J.K....

Opinion | Messiahs at the Movies

02:52 05 March in 2012 March-April, Arts, Issues
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By Sala Levin Moment Presents Ten Messianic Flicks Superman (1978) In Richard Donner’s adaptation of the comic-book classic, Jor-El (Marlon Brando) launches his son Kal-El (Hebrew for “voice of God”) into space before the planet Krypton blows up. After crash-landing in the Midwest, Kal-El-turned-Superman (Christopher Reeve) stops Lex...

My Name Is Asher Lev Grows Up

16:18 05 December in Arts, Latest

It’s always difficult translating books to the stage and I can only imagine the difficulty in adapting Chaim Potok’s novels—tomes that span decades and depict the detailed intricacies of particular Jewish communities. Aaron Posner does an excellent job in his adaptation of Potok’s 1972 novel...