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22:44 17 July
About   With the quality of American civic discourse in steep decline, we need thoughtful, high-quality journalism more than ever—and that is what Moment provides. Moment is a fiercely independent magazine that provides wide-ranging perspectives on the political, cultural and social issues facing the Jewish community. Over...

The First Time I Visited Amos Oz

12:55 07 January
It was a rainy day in Arad, one of the driest places on earth. I was on my first trip to Israel since becoming editor of Moment. It was February of 2008. A friend insisted I needed to meet Amos Oz (1960-2018). Amos was the soul of Israel, he said.

Fiction | The Mark

17:44 16 April
If it weren’t for the slice of Ebinger’s Blackout Cake wrapped in cellophane and sitting in the fridge behind a jar labeled ‘Manischewitz Borsht with Diced Beets’ and filled with week-old black coffee, I would already be on a Q train headed for school. Then...
Killing Brother Michael Balloons

Killing Brother Michael // Fiction

16:40 28 January
Leib’s brother was named Michael, after Michael Faraday, creator of the balloon and author of the work The Chemical History of the Candle. Faraday was a prominent chemist and physicist during the mid-1800s, and Leib’s father—a balloonist during the week, an aspiring inventor on weekends—found Mr. Faraday’s biography and rubbery inventions encouraging in both his personal and professional life.
Modern Hebrew by Norman Berdichevsky

Modern Hebrew: The Epic Transformation of a Language

10:17 28 July
While teaching modern Hebrew in England and the United States, Norman Berdichevsky got a shock. Many of his students, he found, “were unable to utter a sentence in the modern language”—despite having attended Hebrew school at their synagogues for four or five years. “In modern...