Monday, May 20, 2019


My Lunch With Woody

16:00 01 August
On a bright September day, an unlikely trio met for lunch to discuss art, politics and culture. Having published an unauthorized biography of Woody Allen last year, I couldn’t wait to have lunch with him for the first time.

Moment Magazine Guides

18:30 09 June
Moment Magazine Guides Informative guides created in collaboration with our sponsors   Moment Jewish Summer Camp Guide 2018 Where the stars got their start: William Shatner, Dana Bash, Seth Rogen and Henry Winkler.   Moment Higher Learning Guide Winter 2017 Featuring an interview with Lisa...

Book Review | The Shadow Land by Elizabeth Kostova

17:13 23 May
Bulgaria. How little thought I had ever given to Bulgaria, but here it is in the vivid, fast-paced, fascinating new novel The Shadow Land by Elizabeth Kostova. Author of the best-selling novel The Historian, Kostova is a writer who knows how to keep you in suspense, to frighten and amaze you, all while building characters whose fate will matter to you more and more as she reveals a whole country, its history, its tragedy, its politics, its scenery and its sad beauty.
Kati Marton

Author Interview // Kati Marton

17:46 05 January
Kati Marton’s early life reads like the plot of a John le Carré spy novel. Marton was born in Budapest in the early years of the Cold War to journalists who, at the time, were among the most famous anti-communist dissidents in the world.