Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Nadine Epstein

From The Editor // November/December 2016

13:34 03 November
his incredibly polarizing presidential campaign and election are finally behind us. To quote from Robert Hunter’s lyrics in the Grateful Dead song “Truckin’,” “…what a long, strange trip it has been.” This was a campaign like no other in my memory. Along with so many...

King David’s Genes

17:40 16 August
by Nadine Epstein hree thousand years ago, tradition says the prophet Samuel anointed a lowly shepherd named David king of Israel. A warrior who could defeat Goliath and write love psalms, David managed to pull the quarreling Jewish tribes together into one nation and then...

The Evolution of David Brooks

15:10 16 August
avid Brooks, that rare New York Times columnist equally criticized by liberals and conservatives alike, was born in Toronto, Canada. His father’s college teaching jobs brought the family to New York City and Philadelphia before Brooks headed off to college at the University of Chicago,...

Jewish Word // Beshert

13:53 11 August
A Talmudic Date with Destiny Stroll Manhattan’s Upper West Side on a Saturday night and you’ll find yourself surrounded on all sides by prospective couples trying each other out. The last few years have seen an explosion in the neighborhood’s popularity among Jews in their...

The Story of Sergey Brin

18:46 09 August
How the Moscow-born entrepreneur cofounded Google…and changed the way the world searches. It takes a bit of searching to find Sergey Brin’s office at the Googleplex. Tucked away in a corner of Building #43 on this sprawling campus near the southern tip of San Francisco...

Film Watch // X-Men: Jewish Origins

18:46 04 August
iding this summer’s wave of would-be comic book movie blockbusters is X-Men: First Class, prequel to the X-Men series. Under the guidance of writer Bryan Singer, who returns to the franchise after a two-film hiatus, X-Men: First Class will take viewers back in time and...

Top Ten Jewish Podcasts

14:43 26 July
If you don’t listen to a podcast (or eight), your coworker probably does—or your best friend, or your brother, or your grandma. Podcasts are the medium du jour, though the term itself—barely a decade old—is already a bit outdated.

Alan Furst Will Always Have Paris

14:15 06 July
In each of Alan Furst’s 14 novels about spies—not spy novels, he insists there is a difference—characters inevitably end up dining at Brasserie Heininger in Paris. The fictional restaurant, based on the real Brasserie Bofinger, with its opulent marble staircase and shucked oysters, represents the glamour and the joie de vivre of 1930s Paris, a city he calls “the heart of civilization.”