Thursday, November 15, 2018


Ally by Michael B. Oren

Book Review // Ally

16:53 06 July
Ally would have been a more effective book if Oren had taken the time to consider the impact of his take-no-prisoners approach, writes Glenn Frankel.

The Playwright’s Politics

17:15 11 January
by Ted Merwin & David Zax The man behind Angels in America and Munich sets the record straight on his feelings about Israel, America and being Jewish and gay.   Tony Kushner has curly black hair, a high-pitched voice and an endearing gap between his...

Laish by Aharon Appelfeld

13:00 16 March
By Jeremy Gillick The release last week of Laish, Aharon Appelfeld’s latest book to be translated into English, provided an excellent excuse to celebrate the Israeli author’s long and prolific career. Originally published in Hebrew in 1994, the novel follows a band of mainly elderly,...