Thursday, May 23, 2019


Germany and Poland Revisited

10:55 08 July
By Symi Rom-Rymer When Helen Thomas declared recently that Jews have no place in Israel and should go home to Germany and Poland, she unleashed a current of outrage within the American Jewish community.  How dare she suggest, they wondered, that Jews should return to...

November/December Issue of Moment

11:44 10 November
It’s on newsstands now! The election is over. Take a deep breath. Now, curl up at home with the new issue of Moment. First you’ll meet Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, aka Jon Stewart. Even with an anglicized name, the Daily Show host is still the quintessential...

Is Brooke Davies the American Jewish Establishment’s Worst Nightmare?

13:34 12 June
Brooke Davies spent ten summers at Camp Ramah, confronted anti-Semitism routinely as a child in the South, and fell in love with Israel as a teenager. She also had a close call with terrorism, less than two years ago, when a young boy attempted to stab her in Jaffa. But when became a national leader in J Street U, she faced opposition from the Jewish community and even from those in her family. Now she is reconsidering her relationship with the Jewish community altogether.
Ally by Michael B. Oren

Book Review // Ally

16:53 06 July
Ally would have been a more effective book if Oren had taken the time to consider the impact of his take-no-prisoners approach, writes Glenn Frankel.