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Defining Anti-Semitism: A Conversation With the EU Coordinator on Combating Anti-Semitism

11:01 28 June in Jewish World, Jews & Civil Rights, Latest

On June 1, The European Parliament adopted a working definition of anti-Semitism for the first time. The definition, borrowed from the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, serves as a politically important descriptor of the phenomenon. “Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed...

The Semantics of Anti-Semitism

16:00 12 May in 2017 May-June, Jewish World

The term “anti-Semitism” has evolved. As scholarship on the subject grew, the available vocabulary expanded. Today, its definition—and its boundaries—are uncertain. “Anti-Semitism” is but one of a convoluted, interconnected web of similar words—including “anti-Judaism,” “anti-Zionism,” “Judeophobia” and “Zionophobia.”...