Sunday, April 21, 2019

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Simon Henderson Q&A: Qatar’s Outsized Role in the Middle East

16:41 30 July in Latest, Uncategorized

"Qatar does not support Hamas, Qatar supports the Palestinians,” Qatari Foreign Minister Dr. Khalid Al Attiyah declared in a CNN interview that aired this week. Yet some questions remain. The small Middle Eastern country--which now-former Israeli president Shimon Peres recently called “the world’s largest funder of terror”--has been singled...

Escape from Freedom?

15:56 04 April in History, Misc, Politics, topics

By Martin Berman-Gorvine As Passover approaches, I have been reading the psychologist Erich Fromm’s 1941 work, Escape from Freedom. Writing when Nazi Germany was at its height, Fromm sought the reasons why so many people felt their freedom to be “an intolerable burden” that they wished...