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Book Review // Twenty Girls to Envy Me: Selected Poems of Orit Gidali

16:52 06 February in 2017 January-February, Arts & Culture, Featured, Israel
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Until the 1980s, women were a small minority among Hebrew writers. There was Russian-born Rahel Bluwstein (1890–1931), considered the “founding mother” of modern Hebrew poetry by women. Esther Raab (1894–1981) was the first native-born Israeli woman poet, principally known for her rich use of modern...

Poem | Erica Jong

19:07 10 May in 2013 May-June, Arts & Culture

Not With a Bang but With a Whimper (My mother died & the world did not end)   How I wish it were apocalyptically dramatic— the end of the world Armageddon, burning books of fierce fire, horsemen with spears, flaming suns sprung from trebuchets, dire projections of our stoned fantasy lives, awake, dreaming, dreaming our dreaming selves. But no. Breath slips away on...