Thursday , 8 December 2016
  • Interview: Steven Volynets

    Interview: Steven Volynets

    Born in Soviet Ukraine, Steven Volynets immigrated to the United States as a child. He turned to literature after several years as a journalist. Moment spoke with him about his new story, his childhood in Russia and his evolution as a writer. ...

  • Israel’s Other Fires

    Israel’s Other Fires

    The fires, Israeli politicians insisted, were the result of Arab terror. With no justification, they cast collective blame. ...

  • The Great Hanukkah Clanging

    The Great Hanukkah Clanging

    Hanukkah was really only about one thing when I was growing up. It wasn’t the presents—they were generally small and unexciting... ...

  • Gelt-y Pleasures for All Ages

    Gelt-y Pleasures for All Ages

    In the story of Hanukkah—the cruel reign of Antiochus, the unlikely victory of Mattathias and his sons, the one cruse of sacred oil left in the plundered Temple that burned for eight days—there is no mention of money. ...

  • ‘They Put the Government on Trial’: Reflections From Nelson Mandela’s Attorney

    ‘They Put the Government on Trial’: Reflections From Nelson Mandela’s Attorney

    “To say that in front of a government-appointed judge at a time like that, in 1963, was a pretty bold statement to make when you're on trial for your life.” ...

  • Short Fiction // Turboatom

    Short Fiction // Turboatom

    I wanted to tell my father that the fish salad was shining, but he was asleep, calling my name in long somniloquous moans. I stood at his bedside, the shape of our room made visible by the scarce lights of the Marshal Zhukov Street. Slava! My name ro...

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