Wednesday , 29 July 2015
  • Edward Hirsch — Poet Laureate of Grief

    Edward Hirsch — Poet Laureate of Grief

    As Hurricane Irene descended on New York City in 2011, acclaimed poet Edward Hirsch received a text message from his only son Gabriel that he would be home in an hour. That was the last time he would hear from him. After Gabriel didn’t come home, Hi...

  • A Great Civil Rights Partnership

    A Great Civil Rights Partnership

    A Moment Photo Symposium in Honor of the Struggle for Racial Equality ...

  • The Other “Woman in Gold”

    The Other “Woman in Gold”

    In August 1903, a 22-year-old Viennese Jewish socialite by the name of Adele Bloch-Bauer wrote to a friend that the renowned Austrian painter Gustav Klimt had agreed to paint her portrait. It was to be a commission from her husband, sugar industrial...

  • A Matter of Dreams

    A Matter of Dreams

    The education revolution among Bedouin women has opened up opportunities previous generations could never have imagined. But tribal traditions that limit their freedom—including polygamy—still prevail. ...

  • The Bedouin Dilemma

    The Bedouin Dilemma

    Struggles over land & identity are at the heart of growing tensions between the Israeli government & its once-nomadic citizens. ...

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