Wednesday , 24 August 2016
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Q&A: Author Abby Schachter


Abby Schachter argues that government intervention is interfering with parents’ ability to make basic decisions about how to raise their children. Read More »

Feeling Torn Over Black Lives Platform, Young Jews Discuss The Way Forward


Amid the press releases and picket signs, there was this: a dozen twenty-something Jews, gathered around a dairy Shabbat potluck in the basement of a Washington, D.C. apartment building this past Saturday, caught in the crossfire of recriminations, unsure. Read More »

The Jews Who Choose Trump


Jew Choose Trump argues that Jewish Trump supporters feel silenced—and it hopes to serve as their voice. Read More »

Embracing Sadness: An Interview With Jay Michaelson


Culture Editor Marilyn Cooper speaks with author Jay Michaelson about Jewish spirituality, gender and sexuality and welcoming sadness with open arms. Read More »

American Jewish Groups Respond to the Movement for Black Lives’ Platform

black lives matter

Since the Movement for Black Lives' platform went live, it has left some Jewish groups trying to balance their obligation to the racial justice movement with their dedication to Israel. Read More »

Israel’s “Partly Free” Press

While Israel scored higher than surrounding countries, its Freedom House ranking was lowered to 'partly free' in 2016. Credit: Freedom House

Earlier this year, the American advocacy nonprofit Freedom House demoted Israel from “free” to “partly free” in its annual press freedom rankings. Israel's problems in this arena aren’t new, they say—but they’re getting worse. Read More »

Interview: Director James Schamus on Bringing Roth to the Big Screen

Courtesy Roadside Attractions

Although he has authored more than 30 books, Philip Roth’s novels have seldom been adapted into films. But with this month’s release of James Schamus’s Indignation and Ewan McGregor’s adaptation of American Pastoral due out this October, 56 years into his career, Roth is suddenly a hot new cinematic trend. Read More »

Of Patriarchs and Matriarchs


by Nadine Epstein I watched both the Republican and Democratic conventions carefully, and now that they are over, I remain struck by the vastly different styles of leadership that each candidate has practiced throughout their long careers, and now offers America. Donald Trump is the unabashed and proud patriarch, and Hillary Clinton has shown herself to be cast from the ... Read More »

Can German-Israeli Reconciliation Pave the Way for Peace?

Dr. Adenauer (l.) im Gespräch mit dem isralischen Staatspräsidenten Schasar (r.) in Jerusalem.

What can Israelis and Palestinians learn from German-Israeli reconciliation? That's the question New York-based international lawyer Harry Rubin has been contemplating for years. Read More »

DNC Dispatch: “Sometimes You Just Have to Take One for the Team.”


by Amy E. Schwartz It had been, she said, “a difficult week.” It sure had. But when Florida representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz walked into the reception thrown by the National Jewish Democratic Council late Thursday, she was among friends. She was hugged, praised, hugged again. A dozen people asked if she was all right. She kept saying yes, although, at ... Read More »

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