Thursday , 26 May 2016
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Louise Lawrence Israëls’ Story: “Being Free Means Eating Cookies”

Louise Lawrence 1

"My name is Louise Lawrence Israëls and I am a survivor of the Holocaust." Read More »

Interview: The “New Jews” of Latin America

Elad Villegas—formerly Juan Carlos Villegas—with his family in Bello. Mateo Gomez Garcia/The California Sunday Magazine

Journalist Graciela Mochkofsky discusses her account of unlikely faith in a drug violence-riddled Colombian city. Read More »

An Ancient Community Gets a Young Leader


The new rabbi of Athens discusses the future of Greek Jewry. Read More »

Nesse Godin’s Story: “Don’t Let Us Be Forgotten”


Today, Jewish communities around the world are commemorating Yom HaShoah, the international Holocaust memorial day. Thomas Siurkus, a volunteer from the German peace organization Action Reconciliation Service for Peace (ARSP), spoke with several Holocaust survivors to take their testimonies. Lithuanian survivor Nesse Godin’s testimony begins a series of first-person narrations of Holocaust survivors. *** My name is Nesse Godin, and ... Read More »

The Rise of the Vegan Seder

shutterstock_390523585 (1)

Will beets, avocados, wild rice or mushrooms make an appearance on your Seder plate this Passover? Read More »

An Unreported Part of AP’s Past


German historian Harriet Scharnberg on the alleged link between the Associated Press and the Nazis. Read More »

A Youth With Courage

Scholars cropped

Toward the end of President Barack Obama’s Rose Garden speech announcing his pick to replace the late Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court bench, he recalled a telling anecdote from the nominee’s high-school graduation—which also happened to be my own. Read More »

A Dispatch From AIPAC


As soon as I approached the Metro escalator, I could sense the electricity in the air. This was not going to be your ordinary evening of politicians pandering to the AIPAC legions. Read More »

Candidates Take Center Stage At AIPAC


It would be another 10 hours before he took the Verizon Center stage, but from the start of day two of the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, it was clear that Donald Trump was in the room. Read More »

An Author’s Grief Finds New Form on the Stage


Israeli novelist David Grossman received international acclaim for his book To the End of the Land, published in English in 2010. The novel received attention for its literary merits and for a more somber reason: The book followed a woman trying to avoid news of her son’s death in the Israeli army; in real life, Grossman’s son was killed in ... Read More »