Monday , 5 December 2016
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‘They Put the Government on Trial’: Reflections From Nelson Mandela’s Attorney


“To say that in front of a government-appointed judge at a time like that, in 1963, was a pretty bold statement to make when you're on trial for your life.” Read More »

Comedy From Across the Pond

Andy Zaltzman

Andy Zaltzman loves a good pun. Actually, the 42-year-old British Jewish comedian can rarely stop at just one. Read More »

Israel and I: A Love/Hate Relationship

Israel flag

The Donald Trump victory is not only highly distressing to me as an American; it is troublesome because it portends to render peace in my beloved Israel more distant than ever. Read More »

My Very Own Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen singing

On some level I truly believed that if Leonard knocked on my door and said, "Come away with me now," I'd have gone. Read More »

MOMENT LIVE: Donald Trump and the Future of Israel

Nadine Epstein interviews David Aaron Miller

In a Trump administration, what's the future of the U.S.-Israel relationship? Read excerpts from Moment's conversation with Aaron David Miller. Read More »

MOMENT LIVE: The Diplomatic View From Washington

Nadine Epstein interviews Aaron David Miller at General Assembly

At yesterday's General Assembly Moment Magazine Editor Nadine Epstein and former U.S.-Middle East policy analyst Aaron David Miller discussed how Trump the candidate will translate into Trump the foreign policy president. Read More »

How to Move Forward After Trump’s Victory? Look to Israeli Elections

Netanyahu looking forward

At least three times, I've taken a brief nap on an election night, relieved and reassured that the leader I believed in was about to be elected, only to be devastated as the sun came up. Read More »

Tell Us: What Will Life Be Like in a Trump Presidency?


How did you feel when the results came in? What will it be like to be Jewish during a Trump presidency? Read More »

Spread Hummus, Not Hate: A Call for Peace

Jewish-Muslim peace speakers advocate to stop anti-Muslim bigotry

The stickers read “Spread Hummus, Not Hate.” On the American University quad Oct. 20, people wore them as a reminder that we all have a part in conflict resolution. Read More »

Guess the Jewish Vote


In the 2016 election, how will the Jewish vote break down? We'd like you to take a guess. Read More »

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