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A Tribute to Moshe Dor (1932-2016)

moshe dor

Moshe Dor (1932-2016) was a major figure in contemporary Israeli literature. A lyric poet par excellence, his subject was love. Read More »

Top Foods to Eat on Sukkot

Credit: Veronique / Flickr

Sukkot is a harvest holiday, which means it’s all about the food. As Sukkot is only days away, here are the top foods to enjoy in your sukkah. Read More »

Film Review // Denial


“Deborah said, ‘I’m about to sign this paper giving you these rights. You need to promise me one thing: the truth.'" Read More »

Getting Political: The Third Israeli-American Council Conference

IAC chairman Adam Milstein. Credit: Peter Halmagyi

While still addressing the integration of Israeli-Americans into American Jewish life, this year’s conference gave center stage to the Coalition for Action’s step-by-step construction of alliances with local political and religious groups and use of social media to build support for pro-Israel actions. Read More »

‘A Memory of an Illusion’: A Talk With Russian Activist Masha Gessen


Did you know that Israel is not the only Jewish state in the world? Deep in the territory of the Russian Federation, close to the Chinese border is the other Jewish state: Birobidzhan. Read More »

What Is Shimon Peres’s Legacy?

Shimon Peres at the World Economic Forum in 2007. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Moment speaks with Reuven Hazan, a professor at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s political science department, about Peres’s life. Read More »

Q&A: Ukraine’s Roma Community


In late August, the small Ukrainian village of Loshchynivka, near the Romanian border, was the site of a riot that targeted property belonging to the local Roma community. Andrej Kotljarchuk, whose research focuses on ethnic minorities and mass violence, spoke with Moment. Read More »

Revisiting ‘Choosing a Jewish Life’


Anita Diamant has updated her groundbreaking book, "Choosing a Jewish Life," to provide creative and innovative guidance to those seeking to convert. Read More »

If You Don’t Vote? ‘I’ll Haunt You When I Die’


If the 2016 election weren’t surreal enough, if this year’s campaign ads weren’t strange enough: Well, now there’s this. Read More »

A New Kind of Campaign Ad


In his latest campaign ad, Jason Kander stands in an empty warehouse. Wearing a button-down shirt and a blindfold, he begins to assemble an AR-15 rifle. Read More »

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