Sunday , 24 July 2016
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Q&A: Turkey’s Failed Coup


Thousands have been arrested in the wake of a failed military coup in Turkey that ended nearly as quickly as it began. Read More »

Q&A: Author Lauren Weisberger


In her latest novel, Lauren Weisberger offers a glimpse of the competitive world of women's tennis. Read More »

Inside the Discovery of a Holocaust Escape Tunnel


A team of archaeologists says they can now confirm a story that, until today, only survivor testimony had preserved: a tunnel, dug with spoons, that saved the lives of twelve Jews during the Holocaust. Read More »

Reimagining The Merchant of Venice — in DC


by Katelyn Haas As the stage lights dim, faint hip-hop can be heard in the background like a slow drumroll, setting the stage for the two main characters as they stand side by side, joking with one another as well as the audience with slight tension. They prepare the audience for an experience of humor—but also, they warned, of great ... Read More »

Free Speech, Libel Tourism and the Little Sabra Who Could


How a feisty Israeli-American scholar faced down a Saudi billionaire banker and an arrogant British judge—and strengthened free speech rights in the process. by Judith Platt I first heard of Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld in the spring of 2005. A New York-based, Israeli-born American expert on terrorism and economic warfare, Ehrenfeld had published a meticulously researched book the previous year called ... Read More »

Inside The Israel-Turkey Deal


We spoke with Dan Arbell, nonresident senior fellow in the Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution, about the future of the Israel-Turkey relationship. Read More »

As Survivors Die, Care Costs Rise


by Thomas Siurkus On June 7th the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously approved a resolution urging the German government to “reaffirm its commitment” to Holocaust survivors in their final years, and “address the unique health and welfare needs of vulnerable Holocaust victims, including home care and other medically prescribed needs.” “Germany needs to show its leadership and do the right ... Read More »

2016 Guide To Cultural Arts

©Tal Givony

"The Guide is an excellent representation of contemporary Jewish Cultural Arts to be celebrated throughout the entire Jewish community and beyond." —James Goldman, Park Avenue Synagogue, NY. Read More »

Opinion // The Right to Feel Secure


"Israel’s new defense minister, Avigdor Lieberman, has promised the Israeli public that he, together with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, will make Israel stronger and more secure. I have never felt less secure." Read More »

Louise Lawrence Israëls’ Story: “Being Free Means Eating Cookies”

Louise Lawrence 1

"My name is Louise Lawrence Israëls and I am a survivor of the Holocaust." Read More »