Wednesday , 28 September 2016
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Revisiting ‘Choosing a Jewish Life’


Anita Diamant has updated her groundbreaking book, "Choosing a Jewish Life," to provide creative and innovative guidance to those seeking to convert. Read More »

If You Don’t Vote? ‘I’ll Haunt You When I Die’


If the 2016 election weren’t surreal enough, if this year’s campaign ads weren’t strange enough: Well, now there’s this. Read More »

A New Kind of Campaign Ad


In his latest campaign ad, Jason Kander stands in an empty warehouse. Wearing a button-down shirt and a blindfold, he begins to assemble an AR-15 rifle. Read More »

‘While I’m Here’: A Look Back at Theodore Bikel

Credit: Red House Records

Theodore Bikel was an actor, a folksinger, a Yiddish speaker, an activist. Now, a group of musicians is making its own attempt at preserving Bikel's legacy. Read More »

Book Review // Decoding Chomsky


Decoding Chomsky Chris Knight Yale University Press 2016, pp. 304 By Robert F. Barsky Chris Knight’s new book begins with the unpromising statement that he, in encountering Chomsky’s work, would have to “put aside” his “own cultural prejudices and assumptions” to “avoid dismissing every strange belief as incomprehensible nonsense.” The reader has to wonder where Knight has been for the ... Read More »

Five Whiskey Recommendations

Dominick / Flickr

In our September/October issue, we wrote about American whiskey's little-known Jewish heritage. Now, explore five whiskey recommendations. Read More »

Top Ten Jewish Podcasts: Reader Edition


We gave you a list of our top ten favorite Jewish podcasts and you responded in kind. By popular demand, here are ten more! Read More »

The Books That Shaped You


We asked our readers to tell us their own stories about books that changed them. Here are some of our favorites. Read More »

From the Campaigns


As Election Day approaches, Moment reached out to four experts—two campaign workers, and two outside experts—to discuss the candidates. Read More »

A New Home for Detroit’s LGBT Jews


“Detroit has lost so many young people,” Dubin says. “Where are the Jewish leaders, the Jewish gay leaders, of this century going to come from?” Read More »

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