Wednesday , 17 September 2014
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Remembering Lipman Pike


by Richard Michelson The Answer is Lipman Pike. The category is Jewish baseball stars. Which of these is the correct Jeopardy! question? Which player hit 6 home runs in a single game? Which player has the 2nd highest batter-to league home run percentage? A record that lasted 48 years and was bested only by Babe Ruth? Which player is widely ... Read More »

Book Review: David, The Divided Heart

by Linda Tucker David: The Divided Heart David Wolpe Yale University Press September 16, 2014, 184 pp, $25.00 A man of contradictions is the Biblical David–on the one hand revered as a warrior, poet, musician, king, and forefather of the Messiah, and on the other, scorned as an adulterer, liar, and sinner. What is it about this enigmatic character, already ... Read More »

The Establishment Question: Should the Town of Greece Ruling Worry Religious Minorities?

by Joseph D. Becker On a recent visit to a local post office in Westchester, I was surprised to see, on the counter facing the public, a statuette of a crucifix. I called the supervisor to point out that, under the American rule that separates church and state, it was improper to display a crucifix in a federal facility. “Yes,” ... Read More »

What’s it Like to Run the NYT’s Most-Reviled Bureau? We Asked Ethan Bronner


Think your job is tough? Try running the Jerusalem bureau of The New York Times. Read More »

Steve Greenberg: How Orthodox Jews Changed Their Minds On Gay Rights


Same-sex rights proponents suffered an unusual loss this week when a federal judge in Louisiana upheld the state’s ban on gay marriage, bucking a domino-like chain of favorable rulings on the issue. Overall, 21 states have toppled bans since the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013–a trend that reflects a remarkable shift in pubic opinion. In general, Jews have ... Read More »

Nathan Guttman on AIPAC: A Waning Superpower?


Is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the pro-Israel lobbying group, facing an imminent crisis of power? Read More »

How Should the Jewish Community Respond to Syria?


After taking a back seat in recent weeks to news from elsewhere in the world, the civil war in Syria is back in newspaper headlines, and the death toll was recently assessed by the United Nations Office of Human Rights at 191,369. We asked Martin Kalin, a trustee of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and executive producer of Red Lines, a ... Read More »

What do Italian Futurism, the Pre-Raphaelites and Judaism and Christianity have in common?


This summer and fall, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is highlighting the little-known Pre-Raphaelites in the exhibit, “The Pre-Raphaelite Legacy: British Art and Design” (through October 26). Read More »

Founder Leibel Fein on Moment’s Origins


The death of Moment founder Leonard “Leibel” Fein last week marked a major loss for the Jewish world. An incisive literary voice and champion of social justice, Fein was “among the foremost of the so-called liberal Zionists … a social progressive, a fierce peacenik, a staunch defender of Israel and a shrewd observer of the American Jewish community,” wrote The New ... Read More »

A St. Louis Rabbi On the Ground in Ferguson


It has been almost two weeks of unrest since the shooting death of Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Since then, “clashes between the police and protesters have become a nightly ritual,” The New York Times reports. In response, many spiritual leaders around the country have taken note, standing in solidarity with protesters and descending upon the state ... Read More »