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2013 March-April

What is the Future of Religious Freedom in the United States?

14:06 28 September in 2013 March-April, Behind The Headlines, Politics, Religion, U.S. Politics
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We talk to some of the “rock stars” of First Amendment scholarship: Marci Hamilton, Charles Haynes, Douglas Laycock, David Saperstein, Marc Stern, Jeffrey Toobin, Asma Uddin and others to explore contested issues—from contraception to sharia—and shed light on what they think will happen next. ...

From the Editor

13:07 26 February in 2013 March-April, From the Editor

One could argue that Israel is the country where non-Orthodox Jews have the least religious freedom: They can’t marry, divorce or convert according to their own religious preferences. Welcome to Moment’s religious freedom issue. I’d like to be able to report that religious freedom in the...