Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Author: Moment

An Orthodox Woman on the Bima

19:37 16 November in Latest

In our November/December issue, Moment columnist Naomi Ragen describes leaving her comfort zone and accepting an aliyah for the first time: "I admit that at first all offers to hand me a sacred scroll, or to honor me by calling me up to the Torah, were...

The Greatest Story Ever Retold

15:21 14 November in Latest, Uncategorized

In our November/December issue, Daniel Klein reviews Herman Wouk's new book, The Lawgiver: The Lawgiver, a new novel by the 97-year-old, Pulitzer Prize–winning novelist Herman Wouk, is about a new novel that fails to get written by a 97-year-old, Pulitzer Prize–winning novelist named Herman Wouk. The novel...

A Measured Feast

13:45 25 September in Arts & Culture, Latest

By Martin Berman-Gorvine Contemporary poetry on Jewish religious subjects is rare in America outside the pages of specialized Jewish publications. Thus, Peg Duthie’s delightful new collection Measured Extravagance (Upper Rubber Boot Books) is doubly welcome. Full disclosure: Peg and I attended the University of Chicago together, and...