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Nadine Epstein with Elie Wiesel

From the Editor // Nadine Epstein

15:43 01 September
This summer we lost Elie Wiesel, a great and kind man who was an inspiration to me. Moment has now lost both of its founders, and I, two friends. Without Elie and Leibel—Leonard Fein—it is more important than ever that Moment continue its work and carry on their legacies.
40 Years of Moment Der Moment

Celebrating 40 Years of Moment

14:20 07 May
JEWISH AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH 2015 // Leonard Fein, who passed away in 2014, and Elie Wiesel—both writers deeply concerned about Judaism and Jews—founded Moment to be an independent voice in the Jewish American community.

Welcome to Moment’s ‘Year of the Woman’

13:03 04 January
Misogyny has deeply shaped me, and nearly stifled me. From growing up in a Jewish world where boys were golden, to pursuing an academic and journalism career rife with outright gender discrimination, to taking over the old boys’ club that was Moment in 2004, I found that men around me too often treated me as if I were a child or their lover.


16:08 26 July
By Leonard Fein Vol. I, Issue I     Moment has been eighteen months a-borning. Those of us who have lived with it during its gestation inevitably approach its birth much as that of a child: will its fingers and toes be in the proper...
Nadine Epstein

From The Editor // November/December 2016

13:34 03 November
his incredibly polarizing presidential campaign and election are finally behind us. To quote from Robert Hunter’s lyrics in the Grateful Dead song “Truckin’,” “…what a long, strange trip it has been.” This was a campaign like no other in my memory. Along with so many...

The Many Legacies of Elie Wiesel

14:54 13 September
With the death of Elie Wiesel, the world has lost one of the most powerful voices of the past century... Interviews with Ted Koppel, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Dina Porat, Natan Sharansky, Leon Wieseltier, Elisha Wiesel and more